St. Vincent Liem Parish

Mountain View Cemetery

Mountain View Cemetery is a name familiar to St Vincent Liem parish. The cemetery, just East of Calgary, has been chosen as the final resting place for many parishioners, including the late Fr. Nguyễn Công Lý, who is widely known as the founder of the parish.

Every year when November comes, the parish gathers around the cemetry after a Sunday mass with the guidance of the pastor and assistance of the cemetry. We say prayers. We remember the dead. We thank God for our souls and everything we have on Earth. That is a tradition we keep for many years.

The cemetery is informally divided by ethnic groups, and we are one of them. Our section has a large number of lots. Most of these lots have been purchased and reserved for future burials.

To facilitate the yearly visit and enhance our sense of community we have put together a map of the section with names on each of the lots. We hope that we can all look around the cemetery every November and remember who had been with us. We are thankful for the help of the cemetery in providing us with this information.

Please click on the images below to enlarge them. If you wish to print this out, this is the original map.

Map of Vietnamese Section October 31, 2017


Map of Cemetery October 31, 2017